One of the highlights of my career was being given the opportunity to create a concert poster for the legendary rock group, TOTO for a concert performance at the legendary club, The Town Hall. Creating concert posters presents its own unique challenges.  My solution has been to tailor my work in the same vein as modern movie posters.  Utilizing a technique known as “Digital Composition” lends the tools needed to pull off an effective graphic.

Digital Composition is a great way to convey multiple ideas, feelings and tone into a single graphic image, whether it’s for a book cover, movie poster or in this case concert venue poster.  Piecing together various photographic elements and visual fx can not only tell the story but also creates a sense of theatrical drama.

In the example here, I was given a band photo and a logo treatment, but all other elements were put together using solely my imagination and love of the band and its music.  Utilizing Adobe PhotoShop, I was able to mesh various elements together to create a single cohesive poster that not only makes the subject instantly recognizable, but also gives a glimpse into how the show will unfold for the audience.

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Digital Composition allows for multiple ideas, feelings and tone to be conveyed into a single graphic image.

Digital Composition can be used for just about anything from Movie Posters, Concert Posters, Book Covers to pretty much any graphic image your mind can imagine.

Combining photographic retouching, masking and various fx, the sum total creates a dramatic image which further draws the viewer into the story, whatever that may be.

From simple retouching to advanced masking and selection techniques, my experience in creating complex images can handle any job a client may have in order to tell their own unique story.



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