I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some incredible clients.  One such client was Country Joe McDonald famous for his performance at the original Woodstock ’69 concert. Joe’s agent contacted me about designing a DVD cover and disc image for a tribute album to Woody Guthrie.

Whenever I approach a design job, the main thing I ask myself is, does this image relate to the subject and speak to the audience?  As this particular job was for Country Joe, but about Woody Guthrie, I envisioned a way to bring all the elements together including a rural setting with the focus on the artist.

The purpose of design is to imprint an idea, but also transmit information.  I was very careful in selecting typography that was both readable and captured the spirit of the subject in a way that anyone familiar with the music would be able to relate to.  I embrace this philosophy in all of my design work.

“This machine kills fascists.”

~Woody Guthrie

Your Story

Allow my design skills to bring your story to life and sell your idea.  Whether by typography, layout or photo manipulation, let’s bring your ideas to life!

Drawing upon over 30 years experience working in such diverse creative fields as advertising, comic book publishing and music industry promotion, I bring a well rounded education in various artistic fields which allows me to compete in a wide arena of styles and techniques.

Magazine ads, menu designs, flyers, posters, etc., are just a small example of how my work can draw attention to your event, article, concert, product or whatever it is your company wishes to sell.

Online web advertising has become the tool of the trade and taken the world by storm! From Facebook to?Instagram, advertising is easily adapted to seize all current trends.



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