Putting together a tour poster for Jimmy Vivino.


One of my last projects for 2018 was putting together a poster for a small tour that Jimmy embarked on with Bob Margolin.  I’ve worked with Jimmy for a number of years through B.B. King Blues Club & Grill.  Jimmy had done numerous gigs there with numerous bands from The Fab Faux to hosting Al Kooper’s annual birthday show.

I was sent a few photos of Jimmy and Bob from Jimmy’s Manager, Rennie Pincus. I chose this one.

Rennie left me to my own devices in regards to the creative.  I was supplied with tour dates, locations, and design freedom of how I was going to present Jimmy and Bob.

Crossroads background photo.

I chose a background photo from a stock photo library that really spoke to me about the blues.  As this tour would be about blues music, I wanted to impress on the audience that rural connection and folklore associated with this genre, namely, “going down the crossroads” as legend has it, that’s exactly what Robert Johnson did when he made a deal with Ol’ Scratch.

A howling moon behind the howlin' wolves.

Another iconic archetype one associates with these ol’ blues tales is any deal made, must be made under the light of the full moon.


Throw in a little paisley.

 Blues music has always held a sense of style and nothing says it more then paisley.  I never once saw B.B. King go up on stage in front of thousands of people without looking his best in fancy attire.  I went with the blues paisley as I have a great memory of Jimmy playing Al Kooper’s birthday show with both Al and Jimmy sporting matching paisley blazers.

The finished tour poster.


 Taking the various elements and putting them together through my use of digital composition I wove together the final tour poster.  In addition to Adobe PhotoShop, I also incorporated a photographic program called OnOne to make adjustments and retouching the images to really make this final product pop.


I really hope you like the tour poster and whenever possible, catch these guys out on the road, you will not be disappointed.  Special thanks to Rennie Pincus for the poster gig and of course Jimmy Vivino and Bob Margolin for bringing their love of the blues and amazing showmanship to the masses.




~Eric Hope